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FREE APPS from the BIG & BOLD Roadshow


How far can you run?  How many puzz;e pices can you collect?  Will you save the day as HERO TWIST?


Enjoy an endless running game featuring a crazy little character called TWIST.  Help Twist collect the lost puzzle pieces, while avoiding all the obstacles. Fly as HERO TWIST to avoid big obstacles and collect more puzzle pieces.


Find the special hero puzzle pieces and become SUPER-CHARGED!!  


Will you be able to earn enough points to unlock the new costumes coming soon??

"I love it!!!! I'm going to play this game a million times"

FIVE STARS from: Emily Kiernan on Android.


The BIG AND BOLD is now available now for your mobile devices on Android, Apple and Windows 8. Look out for BIG AND BOLD in your app store.


GAME ONE: Do you remember using one of those slide puzzles as a child?? Maybe found in a Christmas cracker or party bag. Now you can slide a puzzle of Twist and friends from the BIG & BOLD Roadshow.


GAME TWO: (more of a story ..). Scroll though the pages and listen to Twist read you a Good News story.  

"Awesome app which is good to keep the mind busy.  And looking forward top more games."

FIVE STARS from: Lil_drummerboy on iOS.

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